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How to Easily Share The Music That You Stream

So you use Apple Music and your friend uses Deezer. Or you swear by Spotify but your girlfriend uses Rdio.

You find the coolest song IN THE WORLD and just have to share it with them. Gone are the days of “Hey, search for this song” and “No that’s not how you spell it.”

I present to you (Pretty cool domain if you ask me)

Instead of me going on about how it works just click here ( to discover a really difficult to share song.

I also have it on good authority that some apps are on the way to make this process even easier!

Opinion: No Wired, I Won’t Turn Off AdBlock

I read a lot of tech news sites and blogs. One of those sites is Wired. I like their content. They aren’t my favourite site but I frequently visit them.

I run AdBlock Plus. I have it installed in Chrome and Safari, on my MacBook and my home server. I installed it on my girlfriend’s laptop too. I LOVE AdBlock Plus. No more fake download buttons, no more annoying banners, no more adverts designed to look like real content. For a free plugin, why wouldn’t you use it?

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