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A Complete List of All the Shows and Movies on Netflix in South Africa

A lot has been said about how good or bad the South African Netflix library is. Wondering what movies and shows are available?

Well have a look here for movies and here for series. (Nice searchable lists too)

Well, no point in me keeping you any longer then, go forth and Netflix and chill.

Cool Shit: Netflix has Launched in SA

In what was the most chilled launch in history, Netflix kind of just appeared in South Africa. I would imagine some techie just got an email and flicked a switch and that was that.

The time for Netflix and Chill is NOW! You get a 1 Month free trial to see if it actually works.

Compared to the US version, some shows are missing, but do you really care? ShowMax is the bastard child of DStv so we can give that one a skip.

Oh, one note, you’ll be charged in US Dollars because our currency is about as stable as your mother in law.

Naspers is Launching a Netflix Competitor Called ShowMax (Updated again)

Imagine Netflix but worse. And more expensive. And not supported on as many devices. That is what Naspers has secretly been working on.

Okay, that is just a very well educated guess. We will have to wait and see as it will officially be announced later this month.

According to MyBroadband sources the new company will be run from the UAE and the Czech Republic. (Tax implications?)

Though there will be sharing of resources between MultiChoice and Naspers’ VOD service, including expensive content rights and some staff, the two companies will compete against one another for subscribers in territories where they both operate.

Now that DSTV is sharing their content rights (making the rights cheaper for them) do you think they’ll lower the price of DSTV? I think that is a resounding loss for consumers and choice.

There is no way that Naspers will make this cheap as that could cannibalise DSTV’s market share.

Anyway, we will keep an eye on this announcement in case they completely surprise us.


The new service is to be called Showmax. It’ll still be shit though. Oh, and it is meant to be a global service and the plan is to beat Netflix to launch in emerging markets. Showmax will even produce their own content as Netflix and Amazon have done to great success. I wish them all the best.


There will be free and paid tiers. The paid tier will have a 7-day free trial and then cost R99 a month.

The following international series are rumoured to be offered:

  • Arrow
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Castle
  • Elementary
  • Ray Donovan
  • Vikings

ShowMax will be available on the following devices:

  • Web browsers on personal computers
  • iPhone and iPads running iOS 7 or higher
  • Android phones and tablets running Android 4.1.0 or higher
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TVs (2015)
  • LG NetCast Smart TVs (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • LG WebOS Smart TVs (2014, 2015)

I’ll be sure to give it a review once it has been launched.

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