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Cool Shit: Netflix has Launched in SA

In what was the most chilled launch in history, Netflix kind of just appeared in South Africa. I would imagine some techie just got an email and flicked a switch and that was that.

The time for Netflix and Chill is NOW! You get a 1 Month free trial to see if it actually works.

Compared to the US version, some shows are missing, but do you really care? ShowMax is the bastard child of DStv so we can give that one a skip.

Oh, one note, you’ll be charged in US Dollars because our currency is about as stable as your mother in law.

Why don’t iOS Content Blockers Work on my iPhone 5?

I have an iPhone 6 as well as a really outdated iPad 3. I don’t use my iPad that much so I don’t mind that it is a little slower. It is just a big Twitter machine to me.

Whilst playing around with a few content blockers on my iPhone, I thought I would see how they work on my iPad. As it turns out, none of them would install. Each one simply said “this device is not supported.”

I did a little bit of digging around and it looks like content blocking has been limited to 64-bit devices (iPhone 5S and later) for performance reasons.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t install one, it just means it will be a lot harder! You’ll probably have to find an open source one on GitHub and then download xCode and compile and side load it yourself. I’ll have a look at this and post a tutorial if it is feasible.

And after all that effort, you could possibly slow down your browsing even more by overloading your device’s old 32-bit processor.

I guess this is Apple’s not so subtle hint to upgrade…

Telkom is re-launching 1mbps ADSL

Well add this to a list of strange things I never thought I’d see.

The interesting part about this is the price though. The wholesale price for this 1mbps line is less than R50. ISPs seem to be announcing pricing around R55 though.

For many people this will make a lot of sense as the cost greatly outweighs the need for speed. You’ll also be able to tack on a reasonably affordable uncapped package to make the most of this. This is also a bonus for people who are paying for 2mbps but only getting 1mbps due to Telkom’s shitty infrastructure. They can now pay less to be disappointed.

The last problem for Telkom to deal with is that pesky analogue line rental. This package makes entry level ADSL really affordable until you include the R189 a month of compulsory analogue line rental. That is a service you don’t want and will probably never use.


Xiaomi is coming to South Africa

Chinese smartphone hero Xiaomi is coming to Africa. Known for their impressive flash sales and being more popular than Apple and Samsung in China, Xiaomi should be a welcome addition to the continent.

Reports indicate that Mobile in Africa (sole distributer for Africa) won’t be bringing the flagship Mi Note Pro to Africa just yet. You can expect some basic Android phones with decent build quality and almost certainly a clone of a more well known brand phone.

Prices look set to range from R2000 to R4000 for something just above entry level. It will be interesting to see if these prices last as Mobile in Africa has links to Core Group and they have been known to inflate costs quite a bit.

Xiaomi has built a reputation in China for making really decent phones at affordable price points. If this carries over to Africa they’ll definitely be one to watch out for in the future.


Review: iOS9, A Few Days In

As all good tech enthusiasts do, I threw caution to the wind and installed iOS9 Beta 1 on my iPhone 6. Yes, I put beta software on my phone that I use daily. This is what happened.


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