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Opinion: No Wired, I Won’t Turn Off AdBlock

I read a lot of tech news sites and blogs. One of those sites is Wired. I like their content. They aren’t my favourite site but I frequently visit them.

I run AdBlock Plus. I have it installed in Chrome and Safari, on my MacBook and my home server. I installed it on my girlfriend’s laptop too. I LOVE AdBlock Plus. No more fake download buttons, no more annoying banners, no more adverts designed to look like real content. For a free plugin, why wouldn’t you use it?

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S.M.T.H. The Dumbest Smartphone Game Ever

S.M.T.H. Send Me To Heaven.

It is exactly as it sounds. You take your phone. You throw it up in the air as high as you can. Then you see if you can beat other high scores from around the world.

Yes, it is that stupid. But it is also pretty cool. We are all a little competitive. So if you have an Android phone you’re willing to throw around, grab it here and give it a go. Give it a few weeks and I’m sure there will be some pretty good fail videos on YouTube because of this.

I believe a similar game was banned from the iOS App Store due to so many people damaging their phones!

[S.M.T.H. via Product Hunt]

Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Mobile Provider?


I read this article on Ars Technica this morning and it reminded me of when I bought my iPhone 4S in London in late 2011. I have always done my research and bought my expensive tech toys from overseas when it makes them considerably cheaper. This also allows me to be an early adopter when products are released much later in South Africa. I had saved up and changed my money and was ready to make my big purchase.

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Why Do ISPs Lie To Their Customers?

I have a fairly turbulent history with Telkom and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in South Africa. I know as customers we expect a lot. And it is difficult with the competition in the industry for ISPs to undercut one another. But why do they need to lie?

Why are customers upset?

Well it is all about managing expectations. If you over promise and under deliver, you piss off people. There is also the elephant in the room, Telkom. Telkom has such a bad reputation ISPs often get away with providing a shitty service by saying that it is a problem on “Telkom’s side.”

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You Can Sell Anything On The Internet

I refuse to add this article to the “Cool Shit” category because it is not cool. Funny maybe, silly definitely, but cool, definitely not. These idiots have decided to let you ship a potato to anyone in the world with a message on it. Honestly, fuck them. If they get rich from that, I’d be so pissed.

I am assuming these guys got the idea from those Aussies who will ship glitter to people you hate. That is a much better and funnier idea.

We hate glitter. People call it the herpes of the craft world.

Have a look at their FAQ for a laugh.

Anyway, that is your stupid shit on the internet for today. Please try use the internet for good and not for potato.

[via Product Hunt]

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