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PSA: Testathon Coming to Cape Town (Win cool prizes)

Testathon is like a hackathon, but for testing. It was created by crowdsourced testing company Global App Testing.

Testathon recently got in contact with Tech Cape Town and invited us to their Cape Town event.

At their event (on the 24th of June 2016), they’ll (could be you’ll) be testing apps for Facebook, who they have partnered with.

The idea behind Testathon is that you sign up for their event, test the apps and then win prizes for finding different kinds of bugs. The kinds of prizes on offer are tablets, phones, and watches!

So if you consider yourself good at breaking things, looking to win cool prizes, or are just looking jump start your career as a QA, sign up for their event here.

Here is a video of what they got up to when doing testing for Spotify:

And the details about their Cape Town event, in their own words:

“A Testathon is like a hackathon but specifically for testers”, said Owais Peer, co-founder of Global App Testing. “A lot of our tester community have told us they don’t get invited to hackathons, despite it being such an important part of the developer community”.

The Testathon event aims to bring together the best testers in the world so they can learn from best practice, network and win prizes whilst trying to break real apps.

“We’ll have 50 testers from Cape Town all competing to find bugs in some great apps”, noted Owais. “We’ve organised events with Dropbox in San Francisco, Spotify in Stockholm and now it’s time for Facebook in Cape Town. The support from the testing community has been great”.

The best testers will be awarded prizes for a whole host of categories including ‘Best QA’ and ‘Best Quality Bug Report’.
After mixing with the best testers in the UK, US and Sweden the South African testing community is going to be put to the test. “It’ll be a big challenge to find great bugs on the day but when you put together the best testers in the world, you’re bound to find something”, said Owais.

Apply to South Africa’s first Testathon in Cape Town.

How to Easily Share The Music That You Stream

So you use Apple Music and your friend uses Deezer. Or you swear by Spotify but your girlfriend uses Rdio.

You find the coolest song IN THE WORLD and just have to share it with them. Gone are the days of “Hey, search for this song” and “No that’s not how you spell it.”

I present to you (Pretty cool domain if you ask me)

Instead of me going on about how it works just click here ( to discover a really difficult to share song.

I also have it on good authority that some apps are on the way to make this process even easier!

Instagram Is No Longer Square

You can now post various different aspect ratio photos and videos on Instagram. No more white or black cropping around the photo.

I’m not sure how I feel about this as I’ve always felt that photos on Instagram should be taken and shared straight from your phone. Most of the 16:9 photos that show up are taken professionally and then put on Instagram. Either that or The Fat Jew steals screen shots from somewhere else and then battles to make them square.

I definitely see this as Instagram pivoting to be more a part of Facebook. It will remain to be seen how really tall photos will show or how really wide photos will show.

Oh, if you’re looking at how to do this, update your Instagram app and then on the screen where you can select a photo from your library, there are two little arrows that allows you to turn this on and off.

WhatsApp for Web Rolling Out to iPhones [UPDATED: Out now!]

Great news fellow iPhone owners! If you’re anything like me, you get a little frustrated when you get a message on WhatsApp at work because you can’t just reply from your computer right in front of you. This is one of the main reasons why I love iMessage so much.

Well now you can end your Android counterpart’s bragging about being able to use WhatsApp on the web. An app update is rolling out around the world as we speak. With this update comes the ability to use WhatsApp for the web.

Hopefully WhatsMac will also be supported. (It should be as it is just a web wrapper.)

This should make WhatsApp a little less painful to use for me. Ideally I’d like to see Apple offer iMessage and FaceTime on other platforms, but until then (never) this will have to make do.

I’ll update this when I get the update and get some testing done.


Works as advertised. Head to and scan the QR code from WhatsApp on your iPhone. You’ll find the QR Code reader under Settings > WhatsApp Web in the App. Goodbye productivity.

Review: OS X El Capitan Beta

There are a few thing I need working on my Mac. They are VirtualBox/Vagrant for development, Slack for messaging and, Safari/Chrome for work and general use. I normally have tons of windows open and at least 5 desktops. I thought El Capitan’s new power features would work very well. I took the plunge and (after backing up) I installed it on my main laptop. (13′ Retina MacBook Pro)

I loved the new window management features. Being able to have Twitter opened next to Slack but both of them in one fullscreen desktop was perfect. I had Deezer pinned next to my Mail window and Slack pinned next to SourceTree. I had my work mail and a few other sites I use constantly open as pinned tabs in Safari.

There were a few glitches, like some programs didn’t handle being pinned and resizing well, others lost their menu bars once pinned. Nothing I couldn’t work around.

Vagrant didn’t work, I had to reinstall it in a different location thank’s to El Capitan’s rootless feature. Once that was done, I was up and running again.

As it turns out I had similar problems with El Capitan as I did with iOS9. My MacBook heated up, a lot. My battery died, very quickly. After an hour or so of use, it would feel sluggish and just go slower and slower until it crashed.

I had no choice but to reinstall Yosemite. I’ll attribute the bugs and inefficiency to it being beta software. I’m sure the bugs will be squashed by the time there is a public release.

The features look amazing and seem to work very well. With a little work from developers the window management will be perfect. I’m looking forward to this release, once it is ready for prime time. Until then, I’m back on Yosemite.

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