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Bad News: A SpaceX Rocket Exploded This Weekend

SpaceX is awesome. Elon Musk is crazy, but awesome. I love space and have been following the space program for many years.

Unfortunately for them one of their Falcon 9 rockets carrying a Dragon Capsule to the International Space Station suffered from RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly) yesterday (Sunday the 28th of June). That is NASA speak for a big ass explosion. The really sad part is that this happened just before stage 2 separation so the cargo destined for the International Space Station was lost in the process.

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Cool Shit: Not Making It To Space (In The Coolest Way Possible)

Okay, okay. I know they weren’t trying to go all the way to space. This is just such a fucking cool video I couldn’t help not posting it. I love space and SpaceX.

So this is SpaceX testing how the capsule holding astronauts would gtfo when something goes wrong with the rocket.

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