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Watch a 5k iMac get Destroyed by a Anti Tank Cannon

Well the headline says it all.

This makes me really sad but it is from the same guy that packed a Mac Pro full of C4 and blew it up!

If anyone was considering doing this, just know it has already been done and you can give me the iMac instead.

Looking For a Free Content (Ad) Blocker for iOS9?

I’ve been beta testing Blockr for a while and I’m very impressed. Unfortunately it is a paid app. (When my beta build expires, I will be buying it)


If however you’d like a free content blocker for iOS, have a look at Freedom. It isn’t currently available in the US app store but it may be available in your location. It doesn’t rely on in-app purchases to grab a hold of your money. It really is free.

If you don’t mind handing over a few dollars, I can’t recommend Blockr enough!

Happy browsing (without being tracked and without adverts)

Instagram Is No Longer Square

You can now post various different aspect ratio photos and videos on Instagram. No more white or black cropping around the photo.

I’m not sure how I feel about this as I’ve always felt that photos on Instagram should be taken and shared straight from your phone. Most of the 16:9 photos that show up are taken professionally and then put on Instagram. Either that or The Fat Jew steals screen shots from somewhere else and then battles to make them square.

I definitely see this as Instagram pivoting to be more a part of Facebook. It will remain to be seen how really tall photos will show or how really wide photos will show.

Oh, if you’re looking at how to do this, update your Instagram app and then on the screen where you can select a photo from your library, there are two little arrows that allows you to turn this on and off.

Review: 12-inch MacBook First Impressions

I’m going to have to do a few smaller posts about the 12-inch MacBook as I just don’t have the time to get a full review up all in one go.

First off, we got this MacBook from Hong Kong. I got family to buy it there and bring it back. This makes it considerably cheaper than buying it in South Africa. It is still not cheap but that did help. I also opted to buy the HDMI/USB/USB-C adapter at the same time.

I got this laptop for my girlfriend to replace hers that was taken during the robbery. She initially wanted the Space Grey one but settled on the Gold because there was no stock of the Space Grey. The reasons I opted to spend more money on this MacBook over a MacBook Air 11-inch are:

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Review: Telkom FTTH, One Month In

I have had Telkom FTTH since the 20th of May 2015. That makes June my first full month testing it out. You can read about the installation here.

I got the 50GB soft cap package from TelkomSA. This made my total cost R999.00 per month, discounted to R499.00 for the first three months. As this is a 24 month contract it included a modem/router and a DSTV Explora along with the DSTV Explora wifi adapter. It also included free installation.

Very rarely do we get to compliment a service provider in South Africa, let alone Telkom but they have done a wonderful job. My internet has not dropped once since it was installed. It is very stable and speed tests are consistent even to Europe and the US. I have included a whole selection of screen shots below from different times to different servers to show you how stable this connection is.

No matter what time of the day or night I get full line speed even on P2P downloads. This would indicate that Telkom is not shaping or throttling their capped accounts.

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