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How to Easily Share The Music That You Stream

So you use Apple Music and your friend uses Deezer. Or you swear by Spotify but your girlfriend uses Rdio.

You find the coolest song IN THE WORLD and just have to share it with them. Gone are the days of “Hey, search for this song” and “No that’s not how you spell it.”

I present to you (Pretty cool domain if you ask me)

Instead of me going on about how it works just click here ( to discover a really difficult to share song.

I also have it on good authority that some apps are on the way to make this process even easier!

Instagram Is No Longer Square

You can now post various different aspect ratio photos and videos on Instagram. No more white or black cropping around the photo.

I’m not sure how I feel about this as I’ve always felt that photos on Instagram should be taken and shared straight from your phone. Most of the 16:9 photos that show up are taken professionally and then put on Instagram. Either that or The Fat Jew steals screen shots from somewhere else and then battles to make them square.

I definitely see this as Instagram pivoting to be more a part of Facebook. It will remain to be seen how really tall photos will show or how really wide photos will show.

Oh, if you’re looking at how to do this, update your Instagram app and then on the screen where you can select a photo from your library, there are two little arrows that allows you to turn this on and off.

Opinion: Uber, Good or Evil?

Of course foreigners steal your job. But maybe, if someone without contacts, money, or speaking the language steals your job, you’re shit.

Not Louis CK

That fake quote sums up a lot of how I feel about Uber. If someone can walk into your industry and do a much better job than you, can you really be upset when your business starts collapsing?

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Review: Google Photos

Google announced Google Photos at its 2015 I/O conference. What immediately caught my attention was the fact that you could get unlimited cloud photo storage for FREE! This reminds me of a saying “if you are not paying for a product, you are the product.” That may very well be the case, but I figured I should give it a go and compare it to iCloud Photos.

First impressions are really good. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and went about uploading about 250 photos. I wanted to give it a fair performance test and also test out the “auto edits” it suggests. Within half an hour, I’d uploaded all my photos and a few videos and was ready to go. I found the iOS App had a few bugs in it, like I had to turn off syncing on mobile data TWICE, every single time I toggled the automatic sync option. This will give quite a few people a nasty surprise in the form of a mobile data bill.

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Cool Shit: WhatsMac, WhatsApp for your Mac [Updated: now called ChitChat, available on iOS]

A clever developer has wrapped up the web interface for WhatsApp into a pretty neat Mac App. So if you have an Android phone and want to use WhatsApp on your Mac, have a look on GitHub for the Zip download, unzip it and you’re good to go.

WhatsApp doesn’t normally like people fiddling with their API however this uses the same API they use for their Web Client. That is good news because I don’t see how they could easily shut this down.

The source code is also provided so you don’t have to worry about them stealing your details or messages. That is always a bonus in this day and age.

[WhatsMac via Product Hunt]

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