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Someone Made a Hardware Emoji Keyboard

Tom Scott is one of my favourite Youtubers. He always seems to come up with something random or something “you might not know.”

This time he has made a massive keyboard with an individual key for every different emoji!

Check out his video embedded below or click here to see it if you’re on Apple News.


Stephen Colbert asks Tim Cook about Apple’s Self Driving Car

Stephen Colbert’s show is a comedy show after all, so this interview pokes fun at Siri and a few things Apple. He also asks about Apple’s self driving car, and asks Tim Cook if him being gay is a feature!

I think Tim handled that very well. Nice to see the CEO of one of the world’s most valuable companies joking around and having fun. Oh, and Tim, please don’t give Siri a raise. She still needs to up her game a bit more!

Watch a 5k iMac get Destroyed by a Anti Tank Cannon

Well the headline says it all.

This makes me really sad but it is from the same guy that packed a Mac Pro full of C4 and blew it up!

If anyone was considering doing this, just know it has already been done and you can give me the iMac instead.

WhatsApp for Web Rolling Out to iPhones [UPDATED: Out now!]

Great news fellow iPhone owners! If you’re anything like me, you get a little frustrated when you get a message on WhatsApp at work because you can’t just reply from your computer right in front of you. This is one of the main reasons why I love iMessage so much.

Well now you can end your Android counterpart’s bragging about being able to use WhatsApp on the web. An app update is rolling out around the world as we speak. With this update comes the ability to use WhatsApp for the web.

Hopefully WhatsMac will also be supported. (It should be as it is just a web wrapper.)

This should make WhatsApp a little less painful to use for me. Ideally I’d like to see Apple offer iMessage and FaceTime on other platforms, but until then (never) this will have to make do.

I’ll update this when I get the update and get some testing done.


Works as advertised. Head to and scan the QR code from WhatsApp on your iPhone. You’ll find the QR Code reader under Settings > WhatsApp Web in the App. Goodbye productivity.

How Much Cash Does Apple Have?

Apple has A LOT of money lying around. Due to various tax laws in the United States, Apple has a massive cash stockpile sitting overseas. They can’t bring it into the United States without paying a ton of tax so they have just left it overseas for now.

So exactly how much money does Apple have? Over $200 billion. Have at the video to put that into perspective.

[Thanks Cult of Mac]

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