Forget all the *split screen stuff, the best new feature is KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS.

To use the iPad as a genuine productivity tool, you need a decent keyboard. I have a really nice Logitech bluetooth one just for my iPad. It makes typing so easy. Switching between tabs in Safari? No, it doesn’t do that. Switching between Apps? Nope, not that either. Well until now.

iPad Multitasking

Almost all of the keyboard shortcuts you’ve come to know and love are now on the iPad too. And to make it really simple, if you don’t know what the keyboard shortcuts are, simply hold down the command key and you’ll see an overlay of shortcuts.

The fastest app switcher on the iPad is now a CMD-TAB combo. And it makes a big difference.

To me this definitely indicates the future direction of iOS and iPads in general. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see an iPad like device running iOS but with a build in keyboard in the not too distant future.

*Disclaimer: Maybe I want to forget the split screen stuff because I have a shitty old iPad that doesn’t support this.