I am pleased and honoured to announce that Tech Cape Town is live on Apple’s new News App.TCT on Apple News

As you update your iPhone to iOS9 over the next few days (or weeks, depending on your internet speed) you may notice that Newsstand is missing from your home screen. You probably missed this, who used Newsstand anyway?

It has been replaced by News. News is a Flipboard like app that connects to publishers to pull in content and present it in a nice way to users. Plus they’ll probably throw some advertising in for good measure.

When it was initially announced, I applied for Tech Cape Town to be included from launch and it was accepted. There seem to be a few issues with all the articles pulling through but I’ll be keeping an eye on that in the future. What is a massive product launch without a few hiccups?

If you can’t find the News App on your iPhone, chances are that it isn’t supported in your region. There is an easy fix, jump in to Settings and change your region to The United States.

Please do me a favour and go and follow/like Tech Cape Town in News if you think we deserve it.