Between Apple allowing content blockers on iOS and Google blocking flash advertisements, the whole world of online advertising is set up to change.

Google has announced that they will be lowering the search ranking of sites with large popup adverts pushing you to install their app.

Google Preferred Adverts

I know those apps are really annoying and I’m happy that Google will be pushing sites to remove them.

Apple is understandably okay with blocking web adverts as they don’t supply, use or make money from them. Google however does. So why is Google blocking certain types of adverts and trying to discourage others?

Well I think the rise of content blockers is forcing online advertisers to adapt. If they make their adverts less intrusive and less annoying, you might be less lightly to install a content blocker. That will enable them to still provide (and make money from) adverts.

I think this could be a big win for consumers. And just remember, if all else fails, just install a decent content blocker and be on your way.