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Was Your Spouse Cheating On You?

With this Ashley Madison leak out in the open now, it was only a matter of time until someone made a search engine for the emails that were leaked.

Unfortunately this one doesn’t support wild cards but it’ll do if you know your spouse’s email address.

Click HERE to search.

I’ll update if I find a better one. Good luck.

How Much Cash Does Apple Have?

Apple has A LOT of money lying around. Due to various tax laws in the United States, Apple has a massive cash stockpile sitting overseas. They can’t bring it into the United States without paying a ton of tax so they have just left it overseas for now.

So exactly how much money does Apple have? Over $200 billion. Have at the video to put that into perspective.

[Thanks Cult of Mac]

You Can Lock Your Dropbox Account With A Key?

You can now lock your Dropbox account with a USB key. I don’t quite think people comprehend what a stupid idea this is…

From Engadget:

If you’re so concerned about the security of your Dropbox account that even two-factor authentication through your phone seems too risky, you can rest easy. The cloud storage outfit has added support for USB keys as part of the two-factor sign-in process. Rather than punch in a code, you just plug in a stick to prove that it’s really you. You’ll need a key that meets FIDO’s Universal 2nd Factor standard, but this key will also work with Google and any other U2F-capable service. Frankly, this is a long-due upgrade — if you regularly access Dropbox from PCs, you won’t have to worry quite so much that someone will get your login details and swipe your files.

So just to clear up any confusion, you need a special super secret flash drive.

Why not just buy something like this and carry your files with you?

“Oh sorry, I can’t get that file off of Dropbox for you because I left my flash drive with the key on at home”

10 internet points to the person that sold this idea to their boss.


Naspers is Launching a Netflix Competitor Called ShowMax (Updated again)

Imagine Netflix but worse. And more expensive. And not supported on as many devices. That is what Naspers has secretly been working on.

Okay, that is just a very well educated guess. We will have to wait and see as it will officially be announced later this month.

According to MyBroadband sources the new company will be run from the UAE and the Czech Republic. (Tax implications?)

Though there will be sharing of resources between MultiChoice and Naspers’ VOD service, including expensive content rights and some staff, the two companies will compete against one another for subscribers in territories where they both operate.

Now that DSTV is sharing their content rights (making the rights cheaper for them) do you think they’ll lower the price of DSTV? I think that is a resounding loss for consumers and choice.

There is no way that Naspers will make this cheap as that could cannibalise DSTV’s market share.

Anyway, we will keep an eye on this announcement in case they completely surprise us.


The new service is to be called Showmax. It’ll still be shit though. Oh, and it is meant to be a global service and the plan is to beat Netflix to launch in emerging markets. Showmax will even produce their own content as Netflix and Amazon have done to great success. I wish them all the best.


There will be free and paid tiers. The paid tier will have a 7-day free trial and then cost R99 a month.

The following international series are rumoured to be offered:

  • Arrow
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Castle
  • Elementary
  • Ray Donovan
  • Vikings

ShowMax will be available on the following devices:

  • Web browsers on personal computers
  • iPhone and iPads running iOS 7 or higher
  • Android phones and tablets running Android 4.1.0 or higher
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TVs (2015)
  • LG NetCast Smart TVs (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • LG WebOS Smart TVs (2014, 2015)

I’ll be sure to give it a review once it has been launched.

[MyBroadband and MyBroadband]

Why Rig Your Own Online Competition?

Whether we like it or not we live in the social media age. Brands try to capitalise on this by hiring social media experts* to interact with their clients.

These so called experts then decide to run online competitions to drum up some support. You know the ones where you have to follow everyone on Twitter and like everything on Facebook and then you never win? Yeah, those ones. The fact that you have heard of these competitions must mean that they are working?

Well now some of the more cunning so called experts have come up with an even better plan. What if you ran the competition but only people with a massive social media following won? What if those “winners” then tweeted about “winning” and showing off their cool new prizes? What we’ve got here is questionable at best but NOT illegal. (As far as I can tell)

This wonderful scheme gives a brand all the free promotion a competition normally creates as well as an extra boost of promotion when the “winners” post about it. With the same cost equalling more publicity, I don’t blame brands for going for this approach. I blame the social media experts who spinelessly suggest this idea to brands.

In the South African context these are the same people bitching and moaning about “Jobs for pals” in the government and then hitting up their socially savvy friends asking them to win prizes without even entering the competition.

That’s not okay.

* A social media expert is someone who is smart enough not to use the c-word or refer to blowing up cripples in Afghanistan. Looking at you FNB. Oh and they also know a few people with a big social following that are willing to win competitions.

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