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New: GoPro HERO4 Session

GoPro has released a new camera. It is a little strange to say the least. It is kind of like the new MacBook in the sense that it is slightly smaller and slightly worse but at the same price.


It is missing the 4k resolutions of the other upper range GoPros and comes in at the same price as the GoPro HERO4 Silver which has an LCD screen included. It doesn’t have a removable battery but thankfully has a micro USB instead of the GoPro classic mini USB port.

Early reports suggest it doesn’t have live video out over USB like other GoPros. That positions it quite strangely in the market. Why buy a smaller and lighter GoPro when it won’t work on your drone and isn’t as good as one the same price?

The major hidden announcement with this camera is the new ball joint mount. That will be a welcome addition for many GoPro users.

So if you need a smaller form factor and 4k doesn’t tickle your fancy, this is your guy. At US$399 (R6499) it isn’t cheap though. I do think we are seeing a small glimpse into the future of GoPro here as I think this may be the form factor of future GoPros.

I’ll keen an eye out for one of these and give it a test for you if I can. Go on, be a hero!

Update They added a really cool video:

[Image TheVerge]

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