The powers that be have decided that the rotation of the earth slowed down just enough that we have to add a leap second to the 30th of June 2015. That means in UTC the last second on today’s clock will read 23:59:60. There will be 61 seconds in the last minute of today.

Why is this done? Well it is done so that in thousands of years our clocks are still in sync with the sun. As in the sun will still rise in the morning and be up during the day and set in the evening.

The problem is most computer systems aren’t designed to handle an extra second. A lot of them won’t care but sensitive things like stock trading and online banking can and may fuck out.

Most people won’t notice, especially in Cape Town when most people are in the region of an hour late on average. For us in South Africa it will actually happen at 2am tomorrow morning. If you look at your clock you won’t see 01:59:60 unfortunately. Your phone will just reset itself at some stage during the night.

Enjoy your extra second of sleep tonight. And if you are Greece, enjoy your extra second of financial stability before you wake up and default on your loan and spin into a financial meltdown. Happy days.