There are a few thing I need working on my Mac. They are VirtualBox/Vagrant for development, Slack for messaging and, Safari/Chrome for work and general use. I normally have tons of windows open and at least 5 desktops. I thought El Capitan’s new power features would work very well. I took the plunge and (after backing up) I installed it on my main laptop. (13′ Retina MacBook Pro)

I loved the new window management features. Being able to have Twitter opened next to Slack but both of them in one fullscreen desktop was perfect. I had Deezer pinned next to my Mail window and Slack pinned next to SourceTree. I had my work mail and a few other sites I use constantly open as pinned tabs in Safari.

There were a few glitches, like some programs didn’t handle being pinned and resizing well, others lost their menu bars once pinned. Nothing I couldn’t work around.

Vagrant didn’t work, I had to reinstall it in a different location thank’s to El Capitan’s rootless feature. Once that was done, I was up and running again.

As it turns out I had similar problems with El Capitan as I did with iOS9. My MacBook heated up, a lot. My battery died, very quickly. After an hour or so of use, it would feel sluggish and just go slower and slower until it crashed.

I had no choice but to reinstall Yosemite. I’ll attribute the bugs and inefficiency to it being beta software. I’m sure the bugs will be squashed by the time there is a public release.

The features look amazing and seem to work very well. With a little work from developers the window management will be perfect. I’m looking forward to this release, once it is ready for prime time. Until then, I’m back on Yosemite.