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Month: June 2015 (page 1 of 4)

The Time Overlords Are Making Today 1 Second Longer

The powers that be have decided that the rotation of the earth slowed down just enough that we have to add a leap second to the 30th of June 2015. That means in UTC the last second on today’s clock will read 23:59:60. There will be 61 seconds in the last minute of today.

Why is this done? Well it is done so that in thousands of years our clocks are still in sync with the sun. As in the sun will still rise in the morning and be up during the day and set in the evening.

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Apple Music Launching Today

Apple will be launching their (new) streaming music service later today. Save your last bit of your monthly cap or get connected to your work’s wifi as you’ll need to download iOS 8.4 to get listening.

iOS 8.4 should be released at about 17:00 today in South Africa. Apple Music will be live with a killer 3 month free trial to suck you in just an hour later at 18:00.

The highlights of Apple Music include AC/DC and Taylor Swift as well as way too much Pharrell.

If you’re on Android, you’ll have to wait until fall for the Android App. (Anywhere from mid September to mid December for us in SA)

Opinion: Uber, Good or Evil?

Of course foreigners steal your job. But maybe, if someone without contacts, money, or speaking the language steals your job, you’re shit.

Not Louis CK

That fake quote sums up a lot of how I feel about Uber. If someone can walk into your industry and do a much better job than you, can you really be upset when your business starts collapsing?

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Bad News: A SpaceX Rocket Exploded This Weekend

SpaceX is awesome. Elon Musk is crazy, but awesome. I love space and have been following the space program for many years.

Unfortunately for them one of their Falcon 9 rockets carrying a Dragon Capsule to the International Space Station suffered from RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly) yesterday (Sunday the 28th of June). That is NASA speak for a big ass explosion. The really sad part is that this happened just before stage 2 separation so the cargo destined for the International Space Station was lost in the process.

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Review: OS X El Capitan Beta

There are a few thing I need working on my Mac. They are¬†VirtualBox/Vagrant for development, Slack for messaging and, Safari/Chrome for work and general use. I normally have tons of windows open and at least 5 desktops. I thought El Capitan’s new power features would work very well. I took the plunge and (after backing up) I installed it on my main laptop. (13′ Retina MacBook Pro)

I loved the new window management features. Being able to have Twitter opened next to Slack but both of them in one fullscreen desktop was perfect. I had Deezer pinned next to my Mail window and Slack pinned next to SourceTree. I had my work mail and a few other sites I use constantly open as pinned tabs in Safari.

There were a few glitches, like some programs didn’t handle being pinned and resizing well, others lost their menu bars once pinned. Nothing I couldn’t work around.

Vagrant didn’t work, I had to reinstall it in a different location thank’s to El Capitan’s rootless feature. Once that was done, I was up and running again.

As it turns out I had similar problems with El Capitan as I did with iOS9. My MacBook heated up, a lot. My battery died, very quickly. After an hour or so of use, it would feel sluggish and just go slower and slower until it crashed.

I had no choice but to reinstall Yosemite. I’ll attribute the bugs and inefficiency to it being beta software. I’m sure the bugs will be squashed by the time there is a public release.

The features look amazing and seem to work very well. With a little work from developers the window management will be perfect. I’m looking forward to this release, once it is ready for prime time. Until then, I’m back on Yosemite.

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