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Month: May 2015 (page 2 of 6)

Cool Shit: WhatsMac, WhatsApp for your Mac [Updated: now called ChitChat, available on iOS]

A clever developer has wrapped up the web interface for WhatsApp into a pretty neat Mac App. So if you have an Android phone and want to use WhatsApp on your Mac, have a look on GitHub for the Zip download, unzip it and you’re good to go.

WhatsApp doesn’t normally like people fiddling with their API however this uses the same API they use for their Web Client. That is good news because I don’t see how they could easily shut this down.

The source code is also provided so you don’t have to worry about them stealing your details or messages. That is always a bonus in this day and age.

[WhatsMac via Product Hunt]

S.M.T.H. The Dumbest Smartphone Game Ever

S.M.T.H. Send Me To Heaven.

It is exactly as it sounds. You take your phone. You throw it up in the air as high as you can. Then you see if you can beat other high scores from around the world.

Yes, it is that stupid. But it is also pretty cool. We are all a little competitive. So if you have an Android phone you’re willing to throw around, grab it here and give it a go. Give it a few weeks and I’m sure there will be some pretty good fail videos on YouTube because of this.

I believe a similar game was banned from the iOS App Store due to so many people damaging their phones!

[S.M.T.H. via Product Hunt]

Cool Shit: Not Making It To Space (In The Coolest Way Possible)

Okay, okay. I know they weren’t trying to go all the way to space. This is just such a fucking cool video I couldn’t help not posting it. I love space and SpaceX.

So this is SpaceX testing how the capsule holding astronauts would gtfo when something goes wrong with the rocket.

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Cool Shit: Kill Time At Work Without Working

Well here we are at the start of another week. From the wonderful place called the internet, I introduce to you PussyWalk (SFW)

It may be safe for work but it is not safe for productivity. Enjoy getting very little done this weekend. Add your high score to the comments below!


Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Mobile Provider?


I read this article on Ars Technica this morning and it reminded me of when I bought my iPhone 4S in London in late 2011. I have always done my research and bought my expensive tech toys from overseas when it makes them considerably cheaper. This also allows me to be an early adopter when products are released much later in South Africa. I had saved up and changed my money and was ready to make my big purchase.

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