Living in South Africa can be dangerous at times. It is a reality we just have to face. Instead of avoiding the situation, being pro-active can make a big difference.

I signed up for OurHood whilst living in Gardens over a year ago. Once activated (a very important step) you have access to important numbers, notice boards, crime notifications, and a Gumtree like Tradepost, all for free. Due to the fact that it is localised and you have to prove your address, it is a very small community. This leads to quick and accurate information as well as giving you the ability to sell things to or buy things from people you know live close to you and have proven their address.

A colleague of mine was notified of a string if crimes near his place due to this app and was able to take preventative action. That is much better than becoming a victim.

Their support was excellent and they helped me transfer my account to Camps Bay and Clifton when I moved earlier this year.

Fairly recently they released iPhone and Android apps. These apps give you fast access to all of these services on the go.

This is far from a polished service but the idea and implementation is excellent. If you live in South Africa, get your neighbours on board and sign up for OurHood, it’s free!