Introducing Lily, a drone that you throw up in the air and (she?) follows you. Filming all the cool stuff you do. She is like a real, live, robot GoPro.

After watching the first 30 seconds of that video, I just wanted to get sponsored by RedBull to go snowboarding and just living my life doing extreme sports. Oh, did I mention that it is waterproof!? Surfing, skiing, white water rafting, tubing. Those are all cool with Lily. I feel like Lily and I would be good friends.

Anyway, enough day dreaming for today, now back to work!

If anyone would like to sponsor me one of these to test, I’ll happily do some crazy shit and upload it to YouTube.



Dale on Twitter pointed out that similar things are available, possibly sooner than Lily. They are not cheap, many have prices upwards of US$1000.

The competitors are The HEXO+ [US$1299], AIRDOG [US$1295], and the 3DR SOLO [US$999]

Lily is available for pre-order for US$499 plus shipping. Bargain.

[Lily via Product Hunt]