Load shedding is a reality for almost every South African and will be for the next few years at least. Instead of posting yet another grim outcome post like most other media outlets, I’m doing a handy tutorial on how to make the most of load shedding. If you have a generator or a Tesla Powerwall, I am very jealous and this does not apply to you.

Step 1: Make sure you know when it will hit.

You want to sign up at loadshed.org or download this app to get notifications.

Step 2: Be prepared.

Make sure you have a power bank, a nice big one like this. That way you can keep your phone/tablet charged even when the power is out.

Step 3: Get ready for offline.

If you use fixed internet, chances are it will go off when the power goes out. You could always use your mobile data, but that gets very pricey very quickly. That can be avoided by simply being prepared.

If you enjoy reading blogs or articles online, get pocket. Make sure you have a few articles saved for offline reading and you’ll still have plenty to do during load shedding.

If watching some TV series or Movies is more your style, try something like VLC for you iPhone, iPad or Android device. That way you can watch almost any file you’ve downloaded (legally of course) on your mobile devices.

If work is what you need to do and you are a developer like myself, you have to have Dash. Offline means no more Stack Overflow, and in my line of work, that hits productivity quite a bit. Dash nicely packages and indexes all your favourite online resources for everything development based.

Make sure that you keep your laptop charged as much as possible. Any half decent laptop will last the 2.5 hour load shedding stints.

If you really need some backup internet and TV you need to look for something like this DSTV Walka and this MiFi Hotspot.

Step 4: Make the most of it.

Watch a video on your iPad, do some work on your laptop, and even charge your phone if you need to. No point in getting stressed out.

Even after all of this preparation, the best solution for load shedding is to take a nap. I find an extra 2 hours of sleep every now and again does wonders for me.