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Review: Google Photos

Google announced Google Photos at its 2015 I/O conference. What immediately caught my attention was the fact that you could get unlimited cloud photo storage for FREE! This reminds me of a saying “if you are not paying for a product, you are the product.” That may very well be the case, but I figured I should give it a go and compare it to iCloud Photos.

First impressions are really good. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and went about uploading about 250 photos. I wanted to give it a fair performance test and also test out the “auto edits” it suggests. Within half an hour, I’d uploaded all my photos and a few videos and was ready to go. I found the iOS App had a few bugs in it, like I had to turn off syncing on mobile data TWICE, every single time I toggled the automatic sync option. This will give quite a few people a nasty surprise in the form of a mobile data bill.

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Breaking: GoPro is making a Drone

The CEO of GoPro happened to mention that GoPro are making a Drone while on stage at the Code Conference.


This is HUGE news. We have been seeing so many cool drone concepts lately, including LILY. Now what happens when the king of action cameras makes a drone? I bet that this drone will be awesome and fairly affordable. And with the might of GoPro behind it I bet it will be a huge success.

Woodman also revealed that GoPro is working on a drone, slated for debut in the first half of 2016.

“It’s incredible to see our world from new perspectives. It’s a real ‘Oh my God’ moment,” said Woodman on stage at the conference. “We did that with our GoPro cameras, and we see a similar opportunity in the quadcopter market. It’s something that’s in our DNA, and we are excited about it across the company.”

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Cool Shit: A Phone That Can Project A Touchscreen On Your Desk

Yup, those really realistic pictures from a while ago that showed a projector keyboard that turned out to be fake, are real now! Well sort of.


Lenovo has made a phone with a built in projector. A rather chunky phone. The coolest feature is that you can turn the lens around, prop up the phone on its stand and it’ll project its screen onto the table in front of you. Yes, you can play games on a big touchscreen on your desk!

Check out the video below.

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PSA: A Tech Solution to Crime in South Africa

Living in South Africa can be dangerous at times. It is a reality we just have to face. Instead of avoiding the situation, being pro-active can make a big difference.

I signed up for OurHood whilst living in Gardens over a year ago. Once activated (a very important step) you have access to important numbers, notice boards, crime notifications, and a Gumtree like Tradepost, all for free. Due to the fact that it is localised and you have to prove your address, it is a very small community. This leads to quick and accurate information as well as giving you the ability to sell things to or buy things from people you know live close to you and have proven their address.

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