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Ambush Marketing Kindle Version

I have never owned a Kindle. I was massively shocked to see my girlfriend’s Kindle display adverts on the library page as well as as a screen saver if the device is left turned on.

It makes sense. Amazon makes money from selling content, not from selling devices. That is why their devices can be quite cheap. If they have a way to push their content, why shouldn’t they take it?

Amazon, That’s Not Okay

My girlfriend paid for her Kindle, she paid for books from the Amazon store. In addition to that, she paid for the data to download her content onto her device. Now she must pay for additional data for Amazon to shove adverts down her throat?

A little bit of research revealed that you can pay to have these adverts removed. That is even worse! They charge you for the privilege to not be spammed on your own device! And it isn’t cheap either at $15-20. Apparently this is standard Amazon practise and they do it on almost all of their devices. That includes the Kindle Fire Tablets.

As a consumer, I can only speak with my wallet. I will source eBooks from anywhere BUT Amazon and I will hack and convert them to work on my girlfriend’s Kindle. I will never buy another Amazon product that includes spam like this. I’ll stick to my iPad and Amazon can fuck right off.

Do you agree?

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