Ever cursed yourself for not catching the wave of early iOS developers that made simple fart apps and made thousands of dollars? Android had a similar wave but it was over much faster as established developers jumped on that bandwagon much quicker.

Well, what if I told you that there was another wave just like that, about to happen? A wave where even a basic app can make the top charts for tons of free publicity? There is exactly that! The Mac App Store.

As more apps become web based very few things are tied to the OS of a computer. This had lead to more people adopting Macs. As more people shift to using Macs that opens up the market of the Mac App Store.


Still confused? Well have a look here. That is a link to a very basic Mac App. All it does is let you draw blocks over parts of a photo to hide important info before posting it on social media. I noticed it pop up on Product Hunt a few days ago. I thought to myself that I totally could have made that. But, I didn’t. I thought it looked good, was simple and was cheap.

Now have a look at this blog post and this MacRumors Article. With a very simple idea, a developer made a basic app, put it on Product Hunt and waited. Sure, he didn’t make an absolute killing in his first day. But he made enough to cover his costs of registering as an Apple developer and then some. And that was just in one day.

Now that developer has TONS of free publicity by the fact that Mac Fanboy Blogs are picking it up. That is what happens when your app hits the top charts. Twitter bots tweet about it. People hear about it and people buy it. What more could an indie, lone developer want than free publicity?

On a side note, I have actually seen reviews on free Mac Apps simply saying “So glad there is another free App on the Store.” People are checking the store and testing out all the free apps that pop up. There is a massive demand and a very small supply.

The time is now, go forth and develop!