Now that both main operating systems, iOS and Android, have build up their own die hard following, can anyone knock them off of their pedestal?

The easy answer is YES! Look at BlackBerry’s spectacular fall from grace. That fall was fuelled by Apple and Google’s massive push forward. They copied each other’s features and functions and scrapped and brawled in and out of the courts. After all that we have two very similar operating systems.

My answer is a resounding NO. Well, not yet. There are very few advantages to switching between iOS and Android. Unless there is a specific niche feature or use case, you have free reign to pick either of them. For another operating system to challenge them, they would need to match all those existing features and apps as well as developing something entirely new on top of that. That something new would need to be so advanced and so good that the engineering might of Apple and Google couldn’t copy it in a matter of months.

With hardware, that is achievable, with software, that is damn near impossible and it’ll take the next Apple or the next Google to achieve it.

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